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What is Mane?

The Original Mane™ is a completely organic, cosmetic powdered hair product. When applied, it attaches itself to your existing hair follicles giving you the appearance of a thicker, healthier, fuller looking head of hair. Mane is not a cure for baldness! It’s simply a fantastic product that cosmetically restores hair as well as building confidence in men and women who may be critical or conscious of there current situation. As our name suggests The Original Mane™ is the first Mane Hair Thickening Spray and was proudly invented and manufactured in Australia in 1970. Since then, we have helped thousands of customers not only in Australia but around the world.

The Original Mane™ will give you a fuller, healthier looking head of hair. In fact, the more hair you have to start, the better the results. Just like using makeup or a hair styling gel, The Original Mane is the perfect product to give your hair more volume.


How do you apply Mane? Is it safe to use?

The Original Mane™ uses all natural ingredients which have been tested and approved for cosmetic use therefore totally safe to use. In addition, in almost 50 years of use, The Original Mane has had no reports to suggest otherwise.  

Mane works best with clean, dry hair. Using a brush or comb, brush the hair focussing on the thinning areas. The goal is to expose the target areas as best as possible like brushing against the normal style.

After brushing the visible hair lightly to expose the roots of the balding or thin areas, apply Mane by holding the can 2-3 inches from the scalp and aiming AT THE ROOTS of the thinning hairs. The amount to use will vary depending upon the size of the area and degree of thinning. It will take a few attempts, but you’ll quickly work out the perfect amount that suits your style.


As you spray, particles electrostatically attach themselves to the individual hair shafts, at the same time thickening the overall diameter of the strands, giving them colour and making them more visible. Almost instantaneously, thick hair covers the thinning area. The scalp will get some of the pigment as well, so it blends in with the surrounding areas. It’s almost like Magic.


At this stage, the target area may look somewhat a little duller than the rest of the hair so take a soft brush and gently brush back the hair we exposed to help create a perfect blend. To complete your new look, simply style your hair to your desired look, ensuring that existing good hair covers and blends with the new ones for a perfectly natural look.


Will Mane run if I get wet or play sports?

In most cases, The Original Mane™ will not run if your caught in the rain or playing sport. You can even swim with Mane confidently. The thickener will not run or wash off. However when drying your hair be careful not to rub your hair with the towel. Gentle patting should be enough to let the hair dry naturally. We always recommend using a setting spray when applying and a touch up or re application may be necessary.

The Original Mane™ easily washes out with shampoo and conditioner as you would normally wash you hair. When the hair is clean and dry, The Original Mane can be reapplied again as required.


As a woman I have thinning hair. Can Mane help me?

The Original Mane™ has been helping women with similar conditions for many years. Thinning hair is a common problem for both men and women – once you use Mane you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. And it only takes a few seconds!

The Original Mane™ is available in 18+ colours. If you feel the colour of your Mane doesn’t fully match your hair colour you can try another colour or use a combination of different colours of Mane to get the desired outcome. If you have any problems or if you are unsure please contact us – we would be happy to assist.

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